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UnknownUnknownUnknownWorld CheesseWorld CheesseWorld CheesseWorld CheesseThis year's World Cheese Awards was held in Bergamo, Italy and judging took place on Friday 18th October. It's an incredible event for world cheese and we are delighted with the awards that our cheeses won.


Over 3800 cheeses were entered in to this year's event and between 9am and 12.30pm on Friday morning 260 cheese experts from across the world set about judging each cheese. The day is a busy one. The cheeses had been divided between 84 tables where teams of three or four judges per table set about assessing each cheese's visual appearance, body and texture, aroma and flavour and mouth feel.


Scores are recorded and depending on the total number, each cheese is awarded either a Gold, Silver, Bronze or NA (No award). Out of the Gold medal cheeses, the judges are then tasked to choose the best Gold medal cheese on their table and present it to the top table as a Super Gold. The 84 Super Golds are then assessed by the team of Super Judges who each choose their favourite and we end up with with top 16 cheeses in the world. The Super Jury started at 4.30pm and each of the top 16 cheeses were assessed by the jury, live on World Cheese Awards TV. The overall winner this year was Rogue Creamery's, Rogue River Blue from Oregon, USA.

World Cheese 2

The rest of the results take some time to correlate and verify, as the team at the Guild of Fine Food log and verify 3800 results. On Sunday the results started coming through.

We were blown away ....

Yorkshire Blue - Gold

Mrs Bells Blue - Gold

Harrogate Blue - Gold

Buffalo Blue - Silver

Northern Blue - Silver  


Wow! Absolutely delighted and blown away by these results.World Cheese Awards 2019 Katie Matten