Swinton Park Recipe Afternoon: Cheese Recipes

21/12/10 10:26 admin Recipes, News

Last Thursday, through a complete white-out of heavy snow, I travelled up to Masham to watch Rob create the recipes he has developed using Shepherds Purse cheeses.

Swinton Park was covered in snow, an idyllic christmas card scene, but very cold! Once inside The Cookery School the atmosphere was warm and inviting and a real hive of activity. Rob and Craig (the photographer) were setting up the second dish of the day for a photograph lights and reflectors set. Amanda was busily helping collect up the ingredients for the next recipe to shoot and also preparing for the Chefs Table which would go ahead that evening.

Rob produced these wonderful recipes using the Shepherds Purse Cheese Range:

Butternut veloute with a Yorkshire Blue Hazelnut Bon Bon - a smooth velvety soup with a ball of Yorkshire Blue coated in toasted hazelnuts placed in the centre of the dish.

Tagliatelle with Chestnut Mushrooms, Chestnuts and a cream sauce with Mrs Bells Blue - an extremely interesting combination of textures and the flavour is sensational.

Pitta bread stuffed with baby spinach leaves, olives and Yorkshire Fettle - seared on a hot griddle to melt the cheese, makes a lovely light supper dish.

Bruschetta topped with Sundried Tomato, Chorizo and Basilano - makes a great party bite!

Leg of lamb boned and stuffed with Katy’s White Lavender - an interesting combination of flavours which really works well.

Monks Folly topping for a salad of beetroot, celeriac and apple in crème fraîche - another creation which combines texture and flavour in an excitingly different light dish.

Spiced Fig Tart Tartin topped with Bluemin White was the pièce de résistance! An amazing combination of flavours. Rob this is your greatest creation!

All of these recipes will be on the website early next year, along with the wonderful photographs taken by Craig.

A Big Thank you to Rob, Amanda and Craig, Swinton Park for their hard work and hospitality. It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!


Judy x