Judy's tip: Why does cheese sweat?

29/10/02 10:01 admin Judy's Tips, Article

Why does cheese sweat?

If you have brought cheese home and left it wrapped in the plastic wrap, what can happen as it continues to mature, or if there is a rise in temperature, moisture can build up, then, due to the impermeability of the plastic, the moisture can't escape, causing the cheese to "sweat."

What to do if you've bought cheese and it sweats

Leaving your cheese in this condition is not ideal, and left unchecked it will spoil the flavour of the cheese. The cheese needs to be taken out of its packaging so it can breathe. If it has been sweating, simply wipe it down with in a piece of paper towel.

What you can then do is wrap the cheese in a layer of greaseproof paper, and then tightly wrap it in kitchen FOIL and store it in the fridge.

This will allow the cheese to breathe, while keeping it moist and free from any flavour taint that it could pick up from other foods being stored

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