A message from Shepherds Purse Regarding COVID-19

Now, as ever, the entire Shepherds Purse team is working hard to deliver for our customers. Our dedicated team are making this possible and Katie and I would like to express our thanks to each and every member of the Shepherds Purse family.


We are a link in the very important food supply chain and we understand the responsibility that rests in our hands. In other countries, as lockdowns have happened, food production and food retail are among the businesses that have remained open, and so we expect this to be the case in the UK. 


We are producing, planning and responding to the changing environment. The health of our team is first priority and we are watching government advice closely and have new measures in place to protect our team. 


We're acutely aware that we're part of the food ecosystem - reliant on suppliers and with customers reliant upon us. At the moment this is remaining in balance, and achievable. We are working hard here and in communication with our customers and suppliers, to look at what we can do over the coming months to ensure continued production and distribution.


To our friends, family and customers in the hospitality industry, our hearts are with you as you do all that you can. We know how hard you are working for your customers and your teams. As a business we are doing what we can to support you in the face of the uncertainty and changing situation - we will continue to do so.


To all our customers, thank you for your support. Please continue to pick up products from the small to medium producers as you order your delivery or do your shop. There’s a food ecosystem with people working tirelessly to make sure we can continue to produce from farm to plate. 


Finally, the kindness, understanding, level-headedness and support we give each other in these unprecedented times is what will get us all through.


Take care and thank you from all of us x


Caroline x

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