Christmas Cake And Cheese? Only in Yorkshire?

19/12/14 10:00 admin Cheese, Recipes, News, Christmas

Well, who knew? I didn't.

Having grown up in Yorkshire, and having always gravitated back here for Christmas with the family, I suppose I took for granted that our tradition of Christmas cake and cheese was totally normal.

But friends from Cumbria and Lancashire have politely told me recently that they think it's the oddest thing ever and NOT a tasty tradition as I thought!


So we thought that we'd see just how far the tradition of Christmas cake and cheese had actually spread.


Thanks to the Yorkshire Post for featuring the story and for our friends on Facebook sharing their opinions, here are our very scientific findings...

1. It is best known in Yorkshire. It seems to spread up to the North East a little but not quite as far as Newcastle.

2. Expat Yorkshire folk have taken the tradition all over the UK and the world with varying levels of success.

3. Most have heard of Wensleydale or Cheshire with Chirstmas cake or "spice cake".

4. Some strange folk still really don't like the idea of Christmas cake and cheese.

 Read the full story here (the video is no longer available).

So, we're claiming it as a Yorkshire tradtion, but one that we are more than keen to share.

So go for it, try Christmas cake and cheese this Christmas, and if you'd like a sophistiacted edge, try it with a blue cheese like Yorkshire Blue or Harrogate Blue!

It really works ...