Tour De France: Le Yorkshire Bleu

17/06/14 16:35 admin News

We're excited about Le Tour Yorkshire and the opportunity it presents to celebrate (along with the cycling) the great produce and cuisine offered here in our home county of Yorkshire. So, we've harnessed our excitement, and that of our design partners, Robot Food, to create our very own limited edition of Yorkshire Blue.

Le Yorkshire Bleu was inspired by our trip to the handover event with Welcome to Yorkshire at the end of Le Tour last year on the Champs -Élysées. The french guests at at the event confessed to us that they had a pre-conceived idea of British cheese as hard, like cheddar or stilton, and that they were impressed by our continental style cheeses.


Le_Yorkshire_Bleu Le Yorkshire Bleu Limited Edition Packaging

Caroline said "We were doing the tasting and a number of french guests tentatively took a piece of our Yorkshire Blue and turned away as they popped it in their mouth, it was rewarding to see them spin back around in surprise saying 'Wow, that's actually really good'. We opted to take that as a huge compliment"

Simon Foster, creative director at Robot Food explains elements of the limited edition modified design “Yorkshire Blue is a flagship product, so was crying out for the ‘proud' cow to become a ‘leading' cow. She’s trimmed down to sport the famous yellow jersey and we added graffiti to the pack, adding a beret and moustache, along with the new title ‘Le Yorkshire Bleu’.”

We love this fun design and hope you do too

Our continental style Yorkshire Blue and the limited edition Le Yorkshire Bleu will be available in independent cheese shops, farm shops, delicatessens, on the counter in Waitrose, Booths, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Tesco and in 100g wedges in Tesco. You can also order online here